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Extra-virgin olive oil

The oil of tradition

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We strongly believe that the love for authentic products is our strength.

This is why our family has been producing Garda olive oil for several generations: a balanced blend of delicacy and flavour, born from our love for our land.

We harvest our olives from the hills surrounding us, from olive groves located between the villages of San Felice del Benaco and Puegnago del Garda; mainly there is the Casaliva variety, with the addition of other minor native cultivars.

We like to follow the stages of the production of our oil, checking each process step by step: first, we harvest the olives, using the most modern tools to achieve the highest quality product, then we process them through cold pressing in the hours immediately after harvesting at two selected oil mills; finally, we store them in a controlled environment between 15 and 18 degrees to best preserve the organoleptic properties.

Instead of large productions, we prefer the authenticity of the raw material and its origin. That is why, depending on the year, we produce between a thousand and four thousand litres of certified extra virgin olive oil.

Since 1999 our efforts have been rewarded with the PDO certification.

From 2021, we have developed three different types of oil:

  1. GARDA PDO bresciano, certified as a protected designation of origin of Lake Garda in Brescia;
  2. CASALIVA, monocultivar from Casaliva olives, to evoke the territorial tradition;
  3. DICIOTTO, our special oil: a unique blend, obtained from 18 olive cultivars from our olive grove, studied by the University of Milan in the late 1990s.

Elegant, transversal, fragrant and sincere, you can buy our Giustacchini Extra Virgin Olive Oil at our Market and in Reception.


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Extra Virgin Olive Oil price list

Olio DOP extravergine di oliva - Azienda Agricola Giustacchini0.25l12,00 €
Olio DOP extravergine di oliva - Azienda Agricola Giustacchini0.5l20,00 €
Olio DENOCCIOLATO - Azienda Agricola Giustacchini0.2514,00 €
Olio DENOCCIOLATO - Azienda Agricola Giustacchini0.522,00 €
Olio extravergine di oliva - Azienda Agricola Giustacchini0.25l10,00 €
Olio DOP extravergine di oliva - Azienda Agricola Giustacchini0.5l18,00 €
Olio extravergine di oliva DICIOTTO - Azienda Agricola Giustacchini0.25l10,00 €
Olio extravergine di oliva DICIOTTO - Azienda Agricola Giustacchini0.5l18,00 €
Olio DOP extravergine di oliva - Azienda Agricola Giustacchini3l52,00 €
Olio DOP extravergine di oliva - Azienda Agricola Giustacchini5l80,00 €
GIFT BOX - DOP, Casaliva and Diciotto - 3 Bottles0,25 l.30,00 €

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