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BeSafe travel insurance

Book your holiday and with a few Euros more also ensures your reservation from unexpected events.

Insure your camping holiday at Lake Garda - Travel Insurance


Did you know that 80% of holiday cancellations occur only a few days before departure? BeSafe Rate protects your holiday and that of your loved ones before and during your stay.


BeSafe Rate Plus guarantees cancellation for any documentable cause and offers a refund of up to 100% of the prepaid amount compliant with the regulations of the insurance policy applied at the time of booking.

1. CANCELLATION FOR ANY DOCUMENTABLE CAUSES (e.g. illness, accident, holiday cancellation) up to the day of check-in and refund of up to 100% of the prepaid amount.
2. ASSISTANCE DURING YOUR STAY: from arrival to departure, you can benefit from medical assistance, luggage guarantee, theft and roadside assistance.
3. DEDICATED CUSTOMER CARE before, during and after your stay.


You can subscribe the insurance at the time of booking, selecting the "BeSafe Rate Plus - the rate with insurance included", or by contacting the booking office.


Before booking, read the Insurance Policy clicking here.

BeSafe travel insurance

It is possible to join the insurance at the same time as booking or purchasing the tourist service.

The insurance covers cancellation and interruption of the trip and medical expenses resulting from involuntary, unforeseeable and unknown circumstances at the time the policy is subscribed. See section "Cancellation", "Health" and "Interruption", for all cases covered by the insurance.

Certainly, you can check out some examples of what is and what is not covered by the policy by clicking here.