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For those who want to enjoy a relaxing holiday in the open air, but without giving up all those home comforts, we offer: ApartmentBungalowChalet and Maxi Caravan: Chalet, Standard, Comfort, Comfort Plus, Comfort XL, Lakeside, Art View, Rocca, Appartamento, Superior Relax, Loggia, Family, Prestige XL, Rocca Deluxe, Superior Jacuzzi, Lake Premium, Lake Premium Plus. 

In high season bookings are only from Wednesday to Wednesday (Superior Relax nos. 15 to 21, Rocca nos. 1 to 14, Standard 1-2-3), from Friday to Friday (Maxi Caravan Art View, Superior Jacuzzi, Superior Relax (No. 19-23), and Family), from Saturday to Saturday (Lakeside, Rocca nos. 24 to 27, Loggia, Rocca Deluxe, Lake Premium, Lake Premium Plus), or from Sunday to Sunday (Rocca nos. 15 to 23, Prestige XL and Apartments), or arrivals and departures on Wednesday or Saturday (Comfort, Comfort Plus, Comfort XL, Superior Relax).

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