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For those who want to enjoy a relaxing holiday in the open air, but without giving up all those home comforts, we offer ApartmentsBungalows, and Maxi Caravan:  Standard Plus, Comfort, Comfort Plus, Comfort XL, Lakeside, Rocca, Appartamento, Superior Relax, Family, Prestige XL, Rocca Deluxe, Jacuzzi View, Lake Premium, Lake Premium Plus. 

In low season (until Whitsun and from mid-September) is required:

Minimum 2-night stay with free arrival in Standard Plus, Rocca, Superior Relax, Comfort, and Comfort XL.

Minimum stay of 3 nights with free arrival in Jacuzzi, Family, Lakeside, Lake Premium, Lake Premium Plus, Rocca Deluxe, Jacuzzi View, Apartments, Prestige XL and Comfort Plus. 

For Easter weekend, we ask a minimum stay of 4 nights. 

In high season (late May to mid-September), a minimum stay of 7 nights is required, with arrivals and departures organized as follows:

Arrival/Departure TUESDAY (23/05/2023 - 20/09/2023) for Standard Plus (Ex Art) and Rocca (28-30);

Arrival/Departure WEDNESDAY (24/05/2023 - 20/09/2023) for Superior Relax (15-18) and Rocca (1-14);

Arrival/Departure FRIDAY (26/05/2023 - 15/09/2023) for Jacuzzi, Family, and Superior Relax (19-23);

Arrival/Departure SATURDAY (27/05/2023 - 16/09/2023) for Lakeside, Lake Premium, Lake Premium Plus, Rocca (24-27), Rocca Deluxe, and Jacuzzi View. 

Arrival/departure SUNDAY (28/05/2023 - 17/09/2023) for Apartments, Rocca (15-23), and Prestige XL.

In high season, it is also possible to stay for 10/11 nights in the following facilities:

Superior Relax (1-14), Comfort and Comfort XL, with arrivals and departures on SATURDAY and WEDNESDAY;

Comfort Plus with arrivals and departures on TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS

No accomodation available with the selected features