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The trek from San Michele to Monte Pizzoccolo is certainly the most popular excursion on the western side of the lake. We don't deny that the route is tiring, as you reach the highest peak on the west side of the lake. The view from the top allows you to see the lake almost in its entirety!

The route starts in San Michele, where we advise you to park in the field you will see on the right just past the hotel Il Colomber.

Following from via Val di Sur, take the road on your left that climbs up and, after about 5 km with a difference in height of 600 m, you will find yourself in the "Pirello" area, which can also be reached by Jeep (provided it is suitable for overcoming the high bumps along the road). From the "Pirello" continue on the road that climbs to the left; after about 1 km you will come to a junction: on the right is the variant 280B, very steep in the first 15' but which allows you to save about 45'/60' on the route, or on the left the classic route 280 which is longer and gentler.

Following the classic route 280, you will find yourself after a little more than 2 km at another junction: the route to the right takes you to the peak of Monte Pizzoccolo, and the one to the left takes you a few minutes to the Rifugio Pirlo (indicated for a lunch break). We recommend lunch at the Rifugio on the way back.

Whether you have chosen the classic route 280 or the variant 280B, after another 400 meters of difference in height from the junction you will find yourself on one of the most famous peaks of the entire Lake Garda area and all your efforts will be rewarded by the splendid view and the peace that reigns in this place of unique beauty.


Distance: 21.2 km
Duration: 7:59 h
Ascent: 1,298 m
Descent: 1,300 m
Highest point: 1,548 m
Lowest point: 393 m