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Would you like to go through a cyclepath to the fascinating city of Salò? And do you want to know which road will bring you there?
This is not the shortest cyclepath to the small city, but it is the most suitable and nicest. It is suitable for families and it does not require a specific physical competence, although some ways are a little bit challenging.

After the first 500 mts on the main road to San Felice del Benaco, this path will bring you to Portese, through the stillness of the beach of Baia del Vento. After this beach, you’ll arrive at the entrance of the centre of the small city of Portese. Then, if you deviate to the left, you could reach the port of Portese, where you can spend some hours of relax on the shore of the Lake. Following the road, which is beside the shore of Lake Garda, you will arrive in the  city of Salò.

In order to avoid you unpleasant experiences, we remind you that, in Salò, it’s forbidden for bikes to proceed along the boardwalk, so our advice is to follow the main road, which will bring you in the so-called “Fossa”. From this point, we suggest you to park you bikes and visit the city center of Salò and its lakefront, rich of bars, pubs, shops, restaurants and ice cream parlours.

On your way back to the Camping, we have one more advice for you: follow the panoramic road of Salò, where you can find the cyclepath. When you’ll reach the roundabout in the locality of Cunettone di Salò, you should go to Via Santa Caterina (to the locality of Paradiso), which is a little street surrounded by nature and in which there isn’t much traffic – perfect for cycle tourism.

From here, following the signs, you could reach the Shrine of Madonna del Carmine, in San Felice. After this stop, you could come back to the Camping Europa Silvella, just deviating to the right.

Difficulty: 2/5

Hills: 2/5

Technique: 1/5

Views: 3/5

Length: 17 Km

Difference in height: 221 mt

Duration: 1.30’ H 

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