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From Europa Silvella to Puegnago and Lago di Lucone to Polpenazze

The path from Camping Europa Silvella to Puegnago and to Polpenazze will bring you in the heart of our region of Valtenesi.

The past is suitable for sport people – or provided of E-Bikes. Indeed, in the first 5 Km you will face many hills – and two of them are quite challenging. The first hill, on the right, after few meters away from the Camping, is shorter but very steep. The second one, which is after the first roundabout in the locality of Raffa in Puegnago, is longer and quite hard.

Nevertheless, these efforts will be paid back through the many beautiful panorama, which you could admire, when you’ll reach Puegnago, and also through the fascinating spots – and completely surrounded by nature. You can enjoy these views, once you’ve reached the little Lakes of Sovenigo.

Then, from the locality of Basia, you’ll arrive to Lake Lucone, which is now dry, with the exception of a little moist corner, which is located in the centre of the Lake. Along the path, we suggest you a deviation in order to visit the castle of Padenghe del Garda, where you can enjoy a wonderful view on Lake Garda, while you’re having a picnic.

Once you’ve left the path to Lonato del Garda, you need to go to the right, to the ancient Roman Church of San Pietro in Lucone, in a street, which will bring you to the main church of Polpenazze,  a beautiful place where take photos.

Finally, while coming back to the little city of Puegnago, in the locality of Mura, we reach again the main road, made at the beginning of the path, in order to come back and have some rest in Camping Europa Silvella.


Difficulty: 3/5

Hills: 3/5 - 323 mt

Technique: 1/5

Views: 4/5

Length: 17 Km

Duration: 1.30’ H