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Published 28 Feb 2022

Spring is finally on the way! 

The fresh breeze meets the first rays of sunshine that warm the face, while the scent of blossoming flowers makes us close our eyes and enjoy the long-awaited awakening.

The desire for a life in the open air comes back stronger than ever, a desire for discovery and movement, for freedom and beauty.

It's time for the first trips in search of the sun, and what better solution than camping for a holiday in contact with the earth that warms up every day?

Here are some reasons to go on a camping holiday at this time of year.

Camping is a safe experience of nature

Silence, fresh air and freedom - the perfect ingredients for a rejuvenating holiday during the months when nature around us is waking up, and we are with her.

Walking barefoot on a fresh flower meadow, silently observing the first starry skies, and filling your senses with a new energy of change.

We have learnt that a holiday in the open air is synonymous with the right amount of space and safety, and each of the solutions proposed within our campsite has been designed to ensure the right dimension to your holiday.

There is a wide range of options for getting involved in the spring awakening of nature all around us: a tent set up on the lake, the spacious veranda of a mobile home in the middle of the countryside or the adventure of sleeping in a typical glamping tent

For those who suffer from hot summer temperatures, spring is the ideal time to enjoy the days at Lake Garda: its Mediterranean microclimate makes the days in this period really pleasant. But don't forget to pack a jumper and a windbreaker, as well as a cream to protect you from the sun: spring is the most unpredictable season of the year!

In these months the area offers intimate and vividly coloured views, the perfect setting for those who love photography, and getting around by car to discover the riches of the area is much easier than in the summer months, with no traffic on the roads between the villages on the lake and those perched on the surrounding hills.

 Another reason, no less important, for booking a holiday in spring is certainly convenience: in fact, there are many offers linked to the ACSI and ADAC circuit for pitches and discounts that Europa Silvella applies to mobile home rates.

So, what are you waiting for to book a worry-free spring holiday?

Camping Lake Garda spring holiday

The ideal season for sports lover

Gardalake stands out as the perfect destination for those who love sport, and spring here is characterized by pleasant temperatures and long, bright days, conditions particularly suited to any kind of activity.

Known for its fortunate conformation and climate, it is an area rich in sports proposals, which have always been appreciated by international tourists, especially during the so-called "off season". 

Gardalake can be defined as the point where the rocky walls of the mountains meet the waters of a lake, which due to its size and depth can sometimes resemble a sea. 

It is an immense basin crossed by native winds coming from various directions, the same winds that have made it famous throughout the world as a reference point for the practice of various sports: sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and paragliding. 

But that's not all! The mountains that frame this scenery are no less attractive in terms of sporting activities: trekking, climbing, road biking, mountain biking and trail running are just some of the most popular sports in this area. 

Springtime Garda Lake trekking

On holiday with your dog in spring

Away from the hot summer temperatures, this time of year is also the best for a holiday with your pet.

In the campsite your dog will be at his best, just like all the other members of the family. He can enjoy 7 hectares for walking, a space of 250 square meters dedicated to play and one for hygiene, fresh water and biodegradable bags at different points of the campsite and a beach with exclusive access

Excursions with your dog are endless on Lake Garda, and spring is the season when he will certainly have the most fun! 

Let's set off then to discover the endless paths on the morainic hills of Valtenesi, passing through the ancient villages of the area for a little rest in the shade of the pretty narrow streets that characterize them. 

For the more adventurous dogs it will be the holiday of the first bath of the year, authorised in the numerous dog friendly beaches of our lake, others will be able to show all their laziness snoozing all day long in the shade of a flowering tree or a scented bush. 

We will come back in another article to deepen all the activities that you can practice with your dog in our territory, ideal for a wellness holiday both for the puppy and the owner.

dog holiday Gardalake in camping

Spring events at Gardalake

We have spoken in another article about the lush beauty of the historic gardens that decorate the shores of our lake, and spring is certainly the best time to relax your senses in a walk to discover these architectural masterpieces.

There are also many events and opportunities to discover and buy plants and flowers at this time of year, for example by visiting the rich plant nurseries in the area or the typical fairs and markets of the season.

So, strolling through the weekly markets in the ancient villages around the lake, you will come across stands full of fragrant aromatic plants and decorative flowers for gardens and balconies, including small palms and other tropical plants, particularly suited to the light exposure and temperatures of the area. 

To find autochthonous plants, old crops and rare flowers, our advice is to keep an eye on the calendar of events dedicated to floriculture that take place in spring: Fiori nella Rocca (08-10 April 2022) is the market-exhibition of rare flowers that, now in its 14th edition, takes place in April inside the majestic Visconti-Venetian Fortress of Lonato del Garda, a real experience of pleasure for the sense of smell and dedicated to the most curious garden lovers. However, there is more than just flowers at the event: there are spaces dedicated to crafts, publishing, food and natural cosmetics, fashion, as well as gardening and garden design workshops for the most curious. 

Once again in April, to celebrate spring in bloom, there is the historic appointment with the Giardini del Garda (28-29-30 April and 1 May), a botanical exhibition held every year on the lakeside promenade in the historic centre of Salò. Here the sculptures and floral compositions will leave every visitor open-mouthed: a traditional meeting place for the most passionate botanical scholars and artists on an international level, this exhibition is suitable for adults and children alike, especially for the spectacular nature of its works of art, which range from animal forms to real temporary gardens that decorate the town in a workmanlike manner.

Another event not to be missed to get to know the flowering protagonists of our lake is Malcesine in Fiore, when Piazza Statuto, the central square of the lively village on the Veneto shore, is transformed into an open-air flower nursery. A celebration to welcome spring, held every year between the months of April and May, in which local producers decorate the square with the most colourful azaleas, camellias, calla lilies, orchids and dipladenias, as well as offering workshops and stalls dedicated to gardening of all kinds. 

Ah...and don't think that Malcesine is "out of the way" compared to our starting point: from the Camping Europa Silvella you can reach various departure points for private boats or tour operators, which will quickly take you from one side of the lake to the other, to discover the beauty of its territory at 360 degrees.

Last but not least, we recommend a visit to Franciacorta in fiore, from 20 to 22 May, to get to know an area, not far from our lake, known the world over for its landscapes and fine vines.

Another reason to visit our rich territory in the spring months is the events dedicated to the wine tradition.

We suggest you therefore to visit Vinitaly, Italy's largest exhibition of fine wine labels, held this year in Verona from 10 to 13 April, while if you like the idea of a walk in a village tasting local wines, the right event is the Palio del Chiaretto di Bardolino, pearl of the eastern shore of Lake Garda, held from 27 to 29 May. 

Finally, for vintage car enthusiasts, the invitation is not to miss the historic Mille Miglia event, from 15 to 18 June: an amateur race that starts in Brescia and touches on some of the most fascinating areas of Italy, where the protagonists are the most beautiful historic cars in the world. 

A full calendar of proposals, the one offered during the spring months, for a holiday dedicated to the riches of a territory and its products, all to be discovered. 

Events and Exhibitions on Gardalake 2022

Even more flexible cancellation policies!

We would be very sorry, but we know that it can happen. 

Sometimes it's just a little something unforeseen, other times it's due to force majeure, but it can happen that our long-awaited holidays have to be rescheduled at a better time: this is why we have renewed the cancellation policy, and from April to June you can cancel your stay within 72 hours of your arrival, at no cost.

Have a look here to read the cancellation policy of Camping Europa Silvella.

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