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Family holidays on Lake Garda in Camping


Published 28 Jan 2021

We are a family and we know how important it is to choose a holiday that will please everyone, from the eldest to the youngest.

That's why over the years we have learned to think of them first: the real protagonists of a family holiday.

So here are a few suggestions on how best to enjoy a holiday together, full of experiences to remember.

The blue waters of our lake

"Lake Garda is so big that it looks like a sea", we often hear people say.

Have you seen how many fish?

There are many beaches, both pebble and sandy, for playing and having fun in contact with nature.

Games from another era? Not for us!

Building a sandcastle together, exploring the depths with a mask and snorkel, learning new dives from the pier, hunting for shells... and perhaps relaxing in the sun with a good book in hand.

The only thing to remember: don't forget the sun cream!

Family holiday in camping | Lake Garda

Cycling for everyone!

Do you like to lose yourself in nature and feel the fresh air on your face?

There are many ways to rent a bike and have fun with the whole family through the vineyards of the morainic hills surrounding our lake.

Many marked routes, for the more and less trained!

Did you say "theme park"?!

Yes, there are places where the only rule is... Fun!

For a day trip the choice is truly endless, the parks dedicated to adventure for the whole family are many and famous as the best in Italy.

Fantasy, adventure, andrenaline, and all the excitement of Gardaland's attractions, or a dive into the aquatic world of Caneva Aquapark: among Caribbean pools, steep waterfalls and slides for all ages, fun is a guarantee.

For Hollywood action lovers, who want to spend a day alongside their stars, Movie Land is waiting for you, while Mediaval Times proposes to experience the emotions of the most valiant knights of the past.

There are so many proposals for parks designed for fun, keep reading us and in the coming weeks we will accompany you to discover them in detail!

Family holiday in camping | Lake Garda 2

Evenings in towns

We're not lying when we say that attention for the whole family is in our DNA: the tradition of the area also offers opportunities designed for adults and children.

Carousels, music, market stalls and shows to spend a cool summer evening walking through one of the picturesque villages overlooking the lake.


In these parts the watchword is Sharing.

The animators of hotels, villages and campsites on Lake Garda are experts in family activities, masters of involvement and lively entertainment.

There are many activities for adults, from sport to games and big shows.

There are many activities for children, too! From games in the swimming pool to tournaments and mini-disco dances...and good night!

Camping Gardameer met Animatie 1

How is paper made?

Ask the Master Papermaker and the professional guides of the Paper Museum!

Housed in an ancient paper mill, the museum tells the various stages of the history of papermaking, from antiquity to the present day.

From the raw material to the final product that we know so well, the multisensory itinerary leads to the discovery of all the fascination of these ancient crafts and traditions, typical of the territory in which we find ourselves.

Through the exposition of the first rudimentary working tools, it is easy to relive the passion and daily life that once belonged to this valley.

As part of its range of educational services, the museum organises workshops for families on request: an exciting way for everyone to learn together!

But that's not all: the Paper Museum is located in one of the most flourishing valleys in the area, the Paper Mill Valley, a must for a walk in enchanted nature.


But this wonderful corner of our territory deserves its own article...

So, see you in the next episodes!

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