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Published 25 Feb 2022

What to do with your dog on holiday on Lake Garda

Recent statistics have shown that in Italy more than 30% of families living in urban contexts have a pet. 

Our European neighbours are similar, with France, Germany and Belgium on the podium, where the presence of a pet in urban homes definitely exceeds the numbers in our country. 

Are we therefore ready to rethink an entire world of services, in our case dedicated to holidaymakers and travellers, pet-friendly? 

Lake Garda certainly is! 

A perfect destination for holidays with your pet, with comforts and services for the whole family, where your dog is clearly included.

In this article we will answer some of the most frequent questions about what to do in the area in the company of your pet, and we will explore the many ways to have fun with him on a holiday on Lake Garda.

Where do I book a holiday with my dog on Lake Garda?

First of all you can stay in our Camping Europa Silvella: pet-friendly accommodations, a recently enlarged playground of 250 square meters, dog wash and fresh water for the hottest moments, a park of 7 hectares where you can walk with your pet on a leash, and a dog sitter on request for the moments when your pet can't come with you. 

There are also plenty of pet-friendly hotels and flats in our area, from the simplest to the most luxurious, to ensure that you and your pet have an enjoyable holiday together. 

Can my dog enter the restaurants and bars of Lake Garda?

Absolutely yes! 

We recommend that you always ask before booking, but we know that most of the services related to catering are organized to receive dogs inside. 

Especially during summer months our advice is to ask to have your meal at an outdoor table, so that also your pet can enjoy the pleasant breeze of our lake

We can bet that in a few minutes your friend will receive some fresh water and some small prize from the staff of the restaurant... here on Lake Garda we are animal lovers and you will notice it.

hond op de pier van het meer

Can I bring my dog to the beach on Lake Garda?

Your pet can follow you for sunbathing, but for this there are dedicated spaces and beaches, complete with special services, where you can spend the whole day playing in and out of the water with your pet. 

Our campsite, for example, boasts a small beach, particularly intimate at certain times of the day, where your dog is our welcome guest!


Dog-friendly beach in the Gulf of Salò

Just a few kilometres away, in the charming Gulf of Salò, you will find a spacious, fenced-in beach where, especially at certain times of the day, dog owners from the area meet to bring their friends to have fun and splash around freely in the lake.


The Bau Beach in Toscolano, between comfort and breathtaking views

Among the best known and largest, we recommend the Bau Beach in Toscolano Maderno: one of the most scenic beaches on our lake, overlooking the imposing cliffs and mountains of the north coast of the basin, it is the perfect choice for a whole day on the beach with your dog. It has several shady spots and is served by a bar, where dogs are of course allowed, for a break for a light lunch or a cool drink. 


Educational holidays: Fido Beach in Manerba

For another day in the sun, we recommend Fido Beach in Manerba del Garda, owned by the Ca'Nina dog lover's centre. This is the ideal place to receive all the necessary care and attention for animals, which are respected and educated. In fact, the association's staff often offer dog education lessons to teach the animal some basic rules for peaceful coexistence with all the beachgoers. Here you will also receive a welcome kit designed for your best friend: a water bowl and a mat to rest in the shade after a swim with the whole family. 


In Desenzano between the beach and a walk in the town centre

Last but not least, we suggest you discover the stretch of coastline between Spiaggia d'Oro and the Port of Rivoltella, near Desenzano del Garda, where your dog will be free to accompany you on a day of games and relaxation by the lake.

Where can I go for a walk with my dog on Lake Garda?

The solutions are endless: a day among the villages overlooking the lake, a walk among the vineyards on its hills, or a hiking route to discover the most spectacular views of the whole area.


Walking in Salò and the Upper Garda Park

You can spend a day in Salò and the surrounding area with your dog, starting with a walk along the wide lakefront promenade, which extends for almost 3 kilometres, and losing yourself in the cool alleyways adjacent to the town's Town Hall and the Dome.

There are just a few rules to follow for a walk in the historic centres of the area: the dog will naturally be on a leash, and it is also required to carry a muzzle, to be worn only if necessary.

Just a short walk from the centre of Salò, up the 145 steps of the Scala Santa (Holy Staircase) dating back to the early 1900s, is the start of the dense network of paths in the Alto Garda Park: here the paths are well marked and reaching the Corna with your pet will be a walk in the silence of nature, perfect for a trip in all seasons. 

There are various trails available, which we recommend you choose according to the temperature of the period and your preparation, which will take you to the summit of Monte San Bartolomeo with its breath taking views. 

Almost all the itineraries start from the hamlet of Renzano, a small and charming residential village perched behind the centre of Salò, and then divide into easy to medium difficulty routes, which will take you to your destination in about an hour's walk. 

We recommend that you wear suitable footwear and bring fresh water, which is not available on all the paths in the area. 

Here you can download the app of the Alto Garda Park, where you can find maps and information about all the trails.


Gardone Riviera Gardens

A unique experience to plan with your animal friend is a visit to the lush gardens of Gardone Riviera

We have already dedicated an article in our blog to the well-known riches of the botanical tradition of Lake Garda, and the gardens of Gardone are certainly among the most fascinating of this category. 

The André Heller Foundation Botanical Garden, with its over 10,000 plants and flowers from all over the world, is open for visits in the company of your dog, for a new and stimulating olfactory experience.

Even the Vittoriale, with its immense gardens, will open its doors to your puppy: he will be able to access the gardens of the monumental park and the cemetery, which the poet Gabriele D'Annunzio himself, a great lover of his puppies, had built for them with tombstones adorned with poems. 


A special tip:

In the "D'Annunzio Segreto" museum, among the poet's personal belongings, collars and leashes that he collected for his dogs are also on display, and, just recently, the villa's kennels, built by the Vate to "shelter" his beloved animals, have also been renovated and opened to the public. 

hond op het strand Gardameer

Panoramic walks with your dog

There are an infinite number of trekking solutions in the area to be followed with your four-legged friend, to discover the most evocative panoramic points of our lake. 

There is only one rule to follow, and the advice is varied: your dog must always be on a leash, especially to protect the local wildlife, and the suggestion is to always carry a water bottle with fresh water, as well as shoes and clothing suitable for the experience. 

We would like to tell you about one of our favourite treks on our lake, which is not very demanding but offers a very special view of the area: the route from the centre of Tremosine up to the summit of Monte Bestone, which from the Brescian shore overlooks the peaks of Monte Baldo and the inland mountains of the Alto Garda Bresciano Park.



Duration: 2 hours round trip

Departure: Borgo di Tremosine, Voltino district

Height difference: 160 meters

Difficulty: Easy

Seasonality: All year round


What to bring:

Windproof/waterproof jacket



Follow path no. 211 signposted M. Bestone.

You quickly reach the crest of the mountain, where you meet a bench with the first panoramic resting place.

You then come to a diversion: to the right you continue along the ridge, to the left on a wider path. 

Both paths meet later on just before Monte Bestone.

If you take the diversions to the right, you will reach Bocchetta Rocca, a truly extraordinary viewpoint, and then climb up to the summit of the mountain at 917 metres above sea level

When you reach the cross on the summit you can enjoy the rare spectacle from up here: you can easily recognise Monte Stivo, Punta Larici, Punta San Vigilio, Baldo and the villages of Malcesine and Brenzone on the opposite bank, and the marvellous Limone overhanging below you.

hond op het strand Gardameer


These are just some of our suggestions to have fun and feel good with your pet in a holiday on Lake Garda

We will discover other services and reasons to choose this destination for a family-friendly holiday, pets included!

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