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Rocca di Manerba | Points de vue panoramiques | Lac de Garde | Trekking


Published 25 févr. 2021

Legend has it...

Once upon a time there was a very fierce wolf that used to live on the Rocca di Manerba, a fascinating promontory overlooking the crystal waters of Lake Garda.

The inhabitants of the area have always looked at the Rocca with great curiosity and with the desire to observe the surrounding landscape from up there: definitely a spectacle of rare beauty.

But the wolf was terrifying and no one dared go near the Rocca, except to try to capture it.

The inhabitants of Manerba made countless efforts to defeat the danger and, failing that, a price was put on the wolf's head.

At the time, as we know, people lived on agriculture and sheep farming, so the news of financial reward for the capture spread quickly throughout the area.

Three young men from Moniga, Raffa and Pieve Vecchia wanted to take on the challenge.

The first two brave men tried to catch the wolf first with live bait and then with a large fishing net, but in both cases the enemy got the best of them, and the two young men fell from the Rocca into the waters of the lake.

At that point today two huge rocks rise from the water, in memory of the sacrifice of the challengers.

The third candidate, a young farmer from the nearby village of Pieve Vecchia, took courage and climbed to the top of the cliff, where the wolf was defending a den overlooking the lake, and attracted the enemy by pretending to bay. In the fight, the young man protected himself with a large cross that he used as a shield, which is said to have frightened the wolf so much that he fell from the cliff and died.

Today a large cross can be seen at the top of the Rocca, in honour of that young man from Pieve Vecchia who gave the marvellous promontory back to the people of Manerba.

Rocca di Manerba | Aussichtspunkte Geheimtipps | Gardasee

Natural reserve

It is therefore thanks to him that today the Natural Reserve of the Rocca and Sasso di Manerba del Garda, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the most fascinating and popular attractions for visitors to our lake.

A natural park and an open air museum, the promontory is the perfect destination for an experience of total immersion in a varied and multiform nature, ideal for a family excursion or a romantic moment at sunset.

The park is easily accessible by car or on foot from the surrounding villages, and is divided into a variety of five well-marked paths suitable for everyone, and twelve themed paths focusing on the diversity of flora and fauna.

Along the walk up to the top of the Rocca there is a building, whose architecture is perfectly integrated with the landscape, which hosts an interesting museum, perfectly guided by captions in Italian and English, concerning the archaeological finds of the area and the naturalistic varieties of which it is rich.

The most amazing view

But the real spectacle, which is unique throughout the entire Lake Garda, opens up once you reach the top of the hill: at 162 metres above sea level, the peak offers visitors a breathtaking 360° panoramic view of the area!

From here, in fact, it is possible to see almost the entire lakeside: the inlets from Sirmione to Toscolano Maderno, from Bardolino to Salò, the small port of San Felice and the islands of Conigli (Rabbits island) and Garda.

The variety of colours of the calm waters, the drawings of the boats on the surface of the lake, the majestic cliffs and the frame of the mountains make a visit to the Rocca a must in all seasons for lovers of the beauty of nature.

Rocca di Manerba | Points de vue panoramiques | Lac de Garde 4

Our advice

In the warmer months, don't forget your sun cream and a bottle of fresh water, and when you get to the top of this wonderful peak overlooking the lake, take a photo of it with the whole family!

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