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Hvad skal man lave på ferie på Camping Gardasøoen – tips


Published 02 Feb 2021

Lake Garda, the greatest natural basin in Italy, is known for the variety of its shores and the richness of its natural resources.

In fact, it is difficult to find such varied landscapes in such a small area, which is enriched by a flourishing and uncontaminated nature, maintained by a mild Mediterranean climate.

Origins of the Lake

The legend tells of an antique divinity named Benaco, son of the powerful god of the sea Neptune, to whom we attribute the origin of our marvellous lake.

In fact, it is said that Garda, the daughter of the union between the deity and the beautiful nymph Filide, fell in love with the god Sarca, who, asking for her hand in marriage, agreed to pay tribute to her father with a special gift:

Together with his beloved, he created Lake Garda and Benaco became its patron god.

We are in Italy: history and legend combine to open the scene to a sight of rare beauty.

Lake Garda, the largest natural basin in the country, is in fact known for its rarity: it is difficult to come across such a variety of landscapes, enriched by a flourishing and uncontaminated nature, maintained by an ever mild Mediterranean climate.


Now let's take a step back...fly over our lake and discover its richness together. 

Hvad skal man lave på ferie på Camping Gardasøoen – tips 2

Shape of Lake Garda

From above, the basin looks like a mirror, bounded to the north by a narrow inlet, which widens more and more towards the south.

From here we can clearly recognise the geography of the three shores of the lake:

the Trentine one to the north, known for its rocky cliffs and strong morning winds;

the Venetian shore to the east, known as the Riviera degli Ulivi and famous for its cheerful villages;

finally, the western shore of the lake belonging to Lombardy, known as the Riviera dei Limoni and famous for its almost unspoilt nature, its historic buildings and its excellent local products.

Over the years, hundreds of generations of travellers have been discovering every corner of this area, making it one of the most important destinations in Italian peninsula.

The variety of their nature led the three sides of the lake to develop different services and attractions, making the area an attractive destination for everyone, in all seasons.

Lake Garda in Trentino

In Trentino area, thousands sportsmen and women from all over the world have been attracted, in order to try different sports: kite surf, wind surf, rock climbing, mountain biking (thanks to the trails, perfectly indicated throughout the area). 

Riva del Garda and Arco, with their wide range of sporting activities, dominate the northern part of the lake with a broad view of the whole area.

Windsurf | Gardasøen

Veneto lakeshore

The Riviera degli Ulivi, on the other hand, takes its name from its local vegetation, and it is ideal for those who love holidays full of attractions: charming villages to visit, sports, theme parks, and much more.

Behind it, Monte Baldo surrounds this portion of the lake, with its wonderful naturalistic variety: a unique landscape that can be enjoyed from every panoramic viewpoint in the area.

Family holiday in camping | Lake Garda 4

Lombardy lakeside

Finally, the Lombard shore, the one we love the most,  is the meeting point of all the natural and cultural resources of our lake: the history of its villages tells about art and tradition, the variety of its vegetation meets the tastes of the most sporty but also of those who love to lose themselves in nature and peace.

There are family-friendly attractions, local products to enjoy, art museums, markets and shops to spend a morning shopping for all tastes.

Hvad skal man lave på ferie på Camping Gardasøoen

We'll be back to talk about this part of the territory that we call 'home': to tell you about it and take you by the hand to discover a perfect holiday!

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