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23 mai, 2023

During the winter, Arturo got to know some new friends and, for this reason, decided to open Arturo's Bug Hotel: a project set up in 2023 to provide an unforgettable holiday for insects on the campsite, too, in search of an oasis of peace and tranquillity.

In Arturo's Bug Hotel, all beneficial insects, such as pollinators, are welcome! And that's not all: this facility creates a safe habitat for insects and protects biodiversity by reducing the use of pesticides. The local environment and eco-system will therefore be healthier!

Our new friends are divided into groups:

  • Pollinators: solitary bees, native bees, bumblebees, butterflies;
  • Pollinators and predators: wasps;
  • Predators: beetles, spiders, praying mantises, ladybirds, native bugs, isopods.

And did you know that, among Bug Hotel guests, you can also find birds? They are not insects, but, among the accommodations, we also find nests, where they can rest and relax!

But which 'rooms' are suitable for our insect friends? Just as we choose between pitches, mobile homes and glamping tents, they choose the type of holiday they like best:

  • Bricks: these are suitable for isopods, wasps and solitary bees, which find shelter inside the holes;
  • Twigs and sticks are perfect for beetles, spiders and other insects, thanks to the small spaces between the twigs;
  • Pinecones: favourites of bumblebees and beetles, which can make small nests inside them;
  • Moss and straw: these are the top accommodation for native bees, praying mantises and butterflies, where they can relax and find the perfect shelter to rest;
  • Bamboo, sticks and tree branches: spiders, ladybirds and native bugs love them! With these elements, they build beautiful, cosy nests;
  • Grass and bark: butterflies, spiders, beetles and ladybirds choose this arrangement because it is their ideal place to relax between holiday activities;
  • Earth: the top for ants! Have you ever seen an ant farm? Their internal structure is extraordinary!
  • Nests: birds love them. They are a safe and comfortable space.

Insects are friendly, playful, and not to be feared: Arturo's word!