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This year as never before, the desire to go on holiday is sky-high and we will make sure that safety and relaxation go hand in hand. Our philosophy is based on transparency towards the information we provide our guests. 

In our structure, you will find a natural distance between the structures.  Each family will have its own accommodation or pitch available, at a safe distance from the others: our Camping Village extends over 73,000 square meters!

Lake Garda and its villages, walks, bike rides in Valtenesi, visits to the wineries of the area are just some of the attractions you can enjoy while staying in our structure.

But how will we be organized, with regard to hygiene and safety?  How will you be able to use our services?  These are some of the questions that many of you are asking us - below you can find the answers. 


Every day, our staff will be provided with a mask, sanitizing gel and gloves, as needed.  The sanitizing gel will be available to our guests through foot pedestals, at the entrance of all common areas.

Together with our safety consultant, Marco, we are doing an important job of training on how to behave, to protect your and our health. 

Signs and walking stickers will always be present in the common areas of the campsite, to help you adopt safe behavior for you and your whole family.

Our reception will be equipped with Plexiglas barriers to protect you.  In addition, it will be possible to measure your body temperature using a infrared thermometer.

It will be possible to check in online, smarter and faster, in order to avoid crowds at the Reception.

There will be the possibility of "drive-through" check-in, on the most crowded days - you will be able to stay in your car, so as to speed up the reception practices, avoiding crowds.

The check-out can be done directly in your accommodation, by appointment: we will come to your mobile home / apartment / tent to greet you and check that everything is in order, as we always require our guests.

Hygiene has always been our strength, and this year it will be even more so: the services and common areas of the entire Camping Village will be sanitized and cleaned, with products certified by the Ministry of Health.  But we won't stop there: we will frequently sanitize all the spaces, using machines with a sanitizing detergent base that is highly effective against viruses and bacteria.  

In every sanitary block and toilet, you will find dispensers with sanitizing detergent.

Posters and walking stickers will always be present in the sanitary blocks, in order to avoid any possible assemblage. 

Each structure will be cleaned and sanitized, with products certified by the Ministry of Health.

In addition, we will use dry steam at 180° - through thermal shock, the environments will be sanitized by any bacteria or viruses.  It is an ecological and natural system, which avoids the use of chemicals, to protect your health from irritations or possible problems.

The keys of the structures will also be sanitized before handing them over to you, thanks to UV rays technology.

At all cash desks, Plexiglas barriers will be installed.

 Online reservations and orders will be possible at our Restaurant - take-away and delivery services are under development.  Reservations and orders are highly recommended.

You can eat directly at the restaurant.
In addition, we will use, for seasonings such as oil and vinegar, mono-doses and throwaway menus, as the regional ordinance requires. You can still see the menu, through photos, by scanning the QR Code.

At our Minimarket it will be possible to book the "Breakfast" package, in order to avoid crowding at the bar.

In Restaurant, Minimarket and Pool Bar, the entrances will be restricted and social distancing will be guaranteed.  As per regional ordinance, the use of masks is required.

The activities will be organized from June 19th until September 10th.

In order to guarantee safety, all activities will be totally new.  There will be equal fun, but greater safety.  In fact, large spaces will be preferred, such as our amphitheater and the adjacent sports field.

Activities for children, such as the Mini Club, will be guaranteed by reservation.  For the evenings dedicated to the Baby Disco, at the moment, we are waiting to check the modalities.

According with regional ordinances, the use of the pool will be guaranteed, with daily sanitization of the deckchairs and the organization of regulated routes for access.

The regional regulations provide for one person every 7 square meters. But, thanks to our space of about 900 square meters, it will be possible to  accommodate about 130 people in the pool at the same time, without too significant reductions in the use of the service.

The number of sunbeds will be limited, according to regional regulations, which provides a distance of 1.5 meters between them  and a space of 10 square meters of every sun umbrella.

This will lead to a reduction in the number of beds, which will however be partially offset by the extension of the solarium area. 


Of course you can use the facilities in accordance with the current regulations, which stipulate a distance of 1 m for static activities and 2 m for dynamic activities.

There will be different access and exit paths.

In terms of distance, you can use the tennis court, beach volleyball, football, table tennis and also the indoor and outdoor gym (News 2020).

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