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Verona, the city of love, famous all over the world for Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet tragedy, is situated on the banks of the Adige river and is about 30 km from the eastern part of Lake Garda. It has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for its art, its architecture and its urban structure, defined as an "excellent example of a fortified city".What must you absolutely see and visit in Verona? Piazza Brà where stands the majestic Arena di Verona, Piazza delle Erbe dominated by the Torre dei Lamberti and Palazzo Maffei, Juliet's house and Romeo's house with the famous balcony from which the girl appeared, Piazza dei Signori, Castelvecchio and the Ponte Scaligero.Verona is a modern, dynamic and innovative city also from cultural point of view, thanks to the calendar of prestigious events in the Arena, to the succession of exhibitions at the Fair Center (remember among all Vinitaly and the Horse Fair, both famous all over the world) and the research of the many university poles.

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