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The route follows roads with little traffic and ideal for families with children. The route starts from the exit of the campsite towards the beach la Gardiola. From here, follow the road behind the beach to the “Baia del Vento”, one of the most beautiful and peaceful areas of San Felice. In the first few kilometres you will find a couple of slightly demanding climbs (of about 50 and 100 metres). After the “Baia del Vento”, the route crosses the area of the agricultural cooperative of San Felice in via delle Gere, excellent for buying olive oil and local products. At this point you must be careful when crossing the road that will lead you through the rustic area of Cisano. Finally, after a short stretch of road, the route will take you back to San Felice and the Europa Silvella campsite through the peaceful resort of Paradiso, a place often unknown even to local residents.

Difficulty: 2/5

Hills: 2/5

Technique: 1/5

Views: 2/5

Length: 10 Km

Difference in height: 115 mt

Duration: 45/60’’ m

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